The pre-surgical factors that determine the decision to proceed to resection in children diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in a resource limited setting

Jaques van Heerden, Mariana Kruger, Tonya Marianne Esterhuizen, Anel van Zyl, Marc Hendricks, Sharon Cox, Hansraj Mangray, Janet Poole, Gita Naidu, Ané Büchner, Mariza de Villiers, Jan du Plessis, Barry van Emmenes, Elmarie Matthews, Yashoda Manickchund & Derek Stanley Harrison
Surgical control has prognostic value in neuroblastoma (NB). Advanced NB is common at diagnosis in South Africa. We investigated the pre-surgery factors that influenced decisions to perform surgical resections. We included 204 patients with high-risk NB from a national retrospective study, who completed induction chemotherapy between 2000 and 2016. The median age was 32.4 months (IQR 15.1 − 53.5 months). Primary tumor resection was achieved in 76.9% of patients between 0-18 months of age, 51.8%...
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