Permafrost and paleoenvironments on the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China during the local last permafrost maximum

Ruixia He, Huijun Jin, Jef Vanderberghe, Yixuan Wang, Xiaoying Jin & Shaoling Wang
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP) is one of the middle- and low-latitude regions with the most developed and well-preserved periglacial phenomena and remains in the world. On the northeastern QTP, periglacial remains are widespread and vital for investigating the evolution of regional periglacial and permafrost environments. The recently discovered periglacial remains on the northeastern QTP are mostly cryogenic wedges of Late Pleniglacial age (30–10 ka), deep and large cryogenic wedges mostly formed during 30–19 ka ago....
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