Additional file 4 of Reversal of cancer gene expression identifies repurposed drugs for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma

Guisheng Zhao, Patrick Newbury, Yukitomo Ishi, Eugene Chekalin, Billy Zeng, Benjamin S. Glicksberg, Anita Wen, Shreya Paithankar, Takahiro Sasaki, Amreena Suri, Javad Nazarian, Michael E. Pacold, Daniel J. Brat, Theodore Nicolaides, Bin Chen & Rintaro Hashizume
Additional file 4: Supplementary Figures S1. Enriched target class of TOP (top) and HDAC (bottom) in the predictions. Supplementary Figures S2. Cell viability assay valuation of MMF. Supplementary Figures S3. RNAseq analysis of MMF-treated SF8628 (A) and SU-DIPG- IV (B) cells. Supplementary Figures S4. Expression of IMPDH2 in pediatric high-grade glioma cells. Supplementary Figures S5. In vivo anti-tumor activity of MMF by CED in orthotopic patient-derived DIPG xenografts.
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