Additional file 1 of High-resolution transcriptomics informs glial pathology in human temporal lobe epilepsy

Balagopal Pai, Jessica Tome-Garcia, Wan Sze Cheng, German Nudelman, Kristin G. Beaumont, Saadi Ghatan, Fedor Panov, Elodia Caballero, Kwadwo Sarpong, Lara Marcuse, Jiyeoun Yoo, Yan Jiang, Anne Schaefer, Schahram Akbarian, Robert Sebra, Dalila Pinto, Elena Zaslavsky & Nadejda M. Tsankova
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Immunotagging strategy for simultaneous isolation of astrocyte, neuronal, and OPC-enriched populations from human temporal lobe neocortex. (a) Representative FANS pseudocolor plots showing sequential gating of non-debris (red), non-doublets (green and blue), live DAPI+ nuclei (purple), NEUN+ neuronal (red), PAX6+( NEUN–) astrocyte (orange), OLIG2+( NEUN–) OPC-enriched (green), and OLIG2LOW (purple) mature oligodendroglial-enriched nuclei populations from postmortem TL control fresh-frozen neocortex. TN = triple negative (PAX6–OLIG2– NEUN–) population (black). (b) FANS pseudocolor...
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