Additional file 1 of An empirical evaluation of the impact scenario of pooling bodies of evidence from randomized controlled trials and cohort studies in medical research

Nils Bröckelmann, Julia Stadelmaier, Louisa Harms, Charlotte Kubiak, Jessica Beyerbach, Martin Wolkewitz, Jörg J. Meerpohl & Lukas Schwingshackl
Additional file 1: Appendix S1. Search strategy. Tables S1-S5. Table S1. Explanation and definition for PI/ECO similarity degree. Table S2. PI/ECO similarity degree. Table S3. Differences between published (reported) effect estimates and re-calculated effect estimates. Table S4. Reason for exclusion from the pooling scenario. Table S5. Pooling results. Figures S1-S118. Fig S1. Forest plot: Low sodium (Intervention/Exposure); All-cause mortality (Outcome). Fig. S2. Forest plot: Low sodium; Cardiovascular disease. Fig. S3. Forest plot: Intra-aortic balloon pump;...
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