Additional file 1 of CCHCR1-astrin interaction promotes centriole duplication through recruitment of CEP72

Zhenguang Ying, Kaifang Wang, Junfeng Wu, Mingyu Wang, Jing Yang, Xia Wang, Guowei Zhou, Haibin Chen, Hongwu Xu, Stephen Cho Wing Sze, Feng Gao, Chunman Li & Ou Sha
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Repeated verification of the interaction between HCR and astrin. (A) Astrin Co-IP HCR and CEP72 and HCR Co-IP astrin and CEP72. HeLa cell lysates were immunoprecipitated with astrin, HCR, or control rabbit IgG antibodies and analyzed by western blotting with anti-astrin, anti-HCR antibodies. Anti-GM130 and anti-beta actin antibodies were used as negative control. The blotting of astrin, HCR and GM130 antibodies were incubated on the same membrane by repeatedly washing...
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