Evaluation of aversive behavior in Rattus norvegicus experimentally infected by two distinct strains of Toxoplasma gondii (ME49 and VEG): study of epigenetic markers

Sergio Vieira dos Santos, Giulio de los Santos Fortuna, Lariane Monteiro Barbosa, Luciana Regina Meireles, Érico Silva Tiago & Pedro Paulo Chieffi
ABSTRACT Background: Behavioral changes in Rattus norvegicus infected with two strains of Toxoplasma gondii (ME49 and VEG) were investigated. Methods: Rats were evaluated for motor activity and aversion or attraction to cat urine 60 days after infection. After euthanasia, arginine-vasopressin gene methylation in the central nervous system was evaluated. Results: A significant difference was observed in the methylation of the arginine-vasopressin promoter gene between rats infected with the ME49 and VEG strains. Conclusions: Although differences...
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