Additional file 1 of Inhibition of platelet activation suppresses reactive enteric glia and mitigates intestinal barrier dysfunction during sepsis

Bo Cheng, Mengyu Du, Shuxuan He, Lan Yang, Xi Wang, Hui Gao, Haiqing Chang, Wei Gao, Yan Li, Qiang Wang & Yansong Li
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. The gating strategies for the flow cytometry experiments. Data analysis was performed using FlowJo (Ashland, OR). Scatter and staining with the FITC-anti-CD41 and PE-anti-CD40L antibodies were used to gate platelet population. Cells were first gated by regions within a side scatter area (SSC-A) versus forward scatter area (FSC-A) plot, and then through gating those populations in the SSC-A versus FITC-A plots. Activated platelets were defined as FITC-anti-CD41-A positive and PE-anti-CD40L-A...
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