Additional file 1 of The distribution of bioactive gibberellins along peach annual shoots is closely associated with PpGA20ox and PpGA2ox expression profiles

Mengmeng Zhang, Yangtao Ma, Xianbo Zheng, Bin Tan, Xia Ye, Wei Wang, Langlang Zhang, Jidong Li, Zhiqian Li, Jun Cheng & Jiancan Feng
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Verification of PpKO gene structure using the alignment results of reads obtained from the transcriptome of peach flowers, stems, fruits and pits. Figure S2. Sequence alignment of GA20ox from Arabidopsis and peach. The LPWKET motif are underlined. Figure S3. The phylogenetic trees of CPS (A), KS (B), KO (C), KAO (D) and GA3ox (E). The amino acid sequences were downloaded from Phytozome database and the Gene ID are listed after...
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