Additional file 1 of Tolerability of Eribulin and correlation between polymorphisms and neuropathy in an unselected population of female patients with metastatic breast cancer: results of the multicenter, single arm, phase IV PAINTER study

Nicla La Verde, Giovanna Damia, Ornella Garrone, Daniele Santini, Alessandra Fabi, Mariangela Ciccarese, Daniele Giulio Generali, Martina Nunzi, Elena Poletto, Elisa Ferraris, Elisabetta Cretella, Giuseppa Scandurra, Icro Meattini, Alessandro Stefano Bertolini, Luigi Cavanna, Elena Collovà, Emanuela Romagnoli, Eliana Rulli, Lorenzo Legramandi, Federica Guffanti, Annalisa Bramati, Anna Moretti, Alessandra Cassano, Patrizia Vici, Valter Torri … & Gabriella Farina
Additional file 1. Table S1. List of the SNPs analysed. Table S2. Other uncommon Adverse Events–maximum grade. Table S3. QOL scores – change from baseline to third cycle. Table S4. QOL scores – change from baseline to end of treatment. Table S5. Frequency of variants of all the 15 SNPs and the prevalence of each polymorphism was compared with the expected prevalence in Europe. Table S6. Number of eribulin cycles based on previous neurotoxicity.
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