Additional file 16 of High density linkage maps, genetic architecture, and genomic prediction of growth and wood properties in Pinus radiata

Jules S. Freeman, Gancho T. Slavov, Jakob B. Butler, Tancred Frickey, Natalie J. Graham, Jaroslav Klápště, John Lee, Emily J. Telfer, Phillip Wilcox & Heidi S. Dungey
Additional file 16: Fig. S2. Synteny and collinearity between linkage groups 8 and 10 amongst the Pinus radiata parental linkage maps in this study. Vertical bars represent linkage groups, horizontal lines within bars show the position of markers within each group, lines between groups indicate homologous markers at the contig level. Scale bars shows cM (Kosambi). Fig. S1A shows perfect synteny and high collinearity between these linkage groups in three parental linkage maps. Fig. S2B...
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