Additional file 18 of High density linkage maps, genetic architecture, and genomic prediction of growth and wood properties in Pinus radiata

Jules S. Freeman, Gancho T. Slavov, Jakob B. Butler, Tancred Frickey, Natalie J. Graham, Jaroslav Klápště, John Lee, Emily J. Telfer, Phillip Wilcox & Heidi S. Dungey
Additional file 18: Fig. S3. Genomic predictive ability for diameter at breast height (DBH) and wood density (WD) as a function of training population size (A) and number of markers (B) used in random cross-validations of 81 Pinus radiata genotypes from the FWK population. Error bars correspond to standard deviations across 100 random cross-validations for each set of parameters. Analyses in (A) were based on all markers (M = 9353). The training population size in...
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