Additional file 1 of H2O2/pH Dual-Responsive Biomimetic Nanoenzyme Drugs Delivery System for Enhanced Tumor Photodynamic Therapy

Xinyuan Li, Qing Ji, Chao Yan, Ziyu Zhu, Zhihui Yan, Ping Chen, Yisen Wang & Li Song
Additional file 1. Fig. S1. Narrow XPS scan spectra of Mn2p in FA-EM@MnO2/ZIF-8/ICG (a) and FA-EM@MnO2/ZIF-8/ICG in TME-simulating solution (b). Fig. S2. Viability of GES-1 cells (a) and 4T1cells (b) upon treated with PBS (1), PBS + NIR (2), ZIF-8/ICG + NIR (3), MnO2/ZIF-8/ICG + NIR (4), and FA-EM@MnO2/ZIF-8/ICG + NIR (5) by flow-cytometry. Fig. S3. Flow-cytometry analyzed 4T1 and GES-1 cells uptake behavior for FA-EM@MnO2/ZIF-8/ICG nano-platform. Fig. S4. Flow-cytometry analyzed macrophage cells phagocytosis behavior...
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