Additional file 4 of Mutation of the MYH3 gene causes recessive cleft palate in Limousine cattle

Anne Vaiman, Sébastien Fritz, Christian Beauvallet, Mekki Boussaha, Cécile Grohs, Nathalie Daniel-Carlier, Anne Relun, Didier Boichard, Jean-Luc Vilotte & Amandine Duchesne
Additional file 4: Table S3. Frequency analysis of the MYH3 mutations in 834,792 animals from 14 commercial breeds based on genotyping with EuroG10k v8 and EuroGMD SNP chips. The two mutations are totally linked, thus the frequency is the same for both mutations. freq_WTall: frequency of the WT allele; freq_MUTall: frequency of the mutated allele.
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