Additional file 5 of Scoring model based on the signature of non-m6A-related neoantigen-coding lncRNAs assists in immune microenvironment analysis and TCR-neoantigen pair selection in gliomas

Wenbo Zhao, Yibo Wu, Feihu Zhao, Zhiyi Xue, Wenyu Liu, Zenxin Cao, Zhimin Zhao, Bin Huang, Mingzhi Han & Xingang Li
Additional file 5: Fig. S5. Construction of cluster model based on m6A-related lncRNAs. A Left, consensus matrices of the TCGA samples, showing consensus matrices with k =2-5. Right, the cluster-consensus value for k = 2-9. The subcolumns indicate cluster-consensus values of different clusters under different k value. B PCA plot showing the distribution of cluter1 and cluster2 samples. C The p value of survival analysis and hazard ratio of 13 prognosis-related neoantigen coding lncRNAs. D...
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