Additional file 3 of SIRPα antibody combined with oncolytic virus OH2 protects against tumours by activating innate immunity and reprogramming the tumour immune microenvironment

Defeng Kong, Zhenrong Yang, Guoliang Li, Quanyou Wu, Zhaoru Gu, Duo Wan, Qi Zhang, Xiaoli Zhang, Shujun Cheng, Binlei Liu, Kaitai Zhang & Wen Zhang
Additional file 3: Figure S1. Cell proliferation assay results. Cell proliferation assay results of Raw264.7 cell lines treated with OH2 MOI=1 (red), OH2 MOI=0.5 (blue) and untreated (black) group by CCK8 assay in 72 hours. Figure S2. OH2 lysates induce RAW264.7 polarization and phagocytosis in vitro. A. Demonstration of the analysis of the phagocytosis by flow cytometry. B. Cell proliferation assay results of CT26, MC38 and 4T-1 cell lines treated with lysate (red), CFS (blue),...
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