Additional file 2 of Integrated metabolomic and transcriptomic analyses of the synergistic effect of polymyxin–rifampicin combination against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Mohd Hafidz Mahamad Maifiah, Yan Zhu, Brian T. Tsuji, Darren J. Creek, Tony Velkov & Jian Li
Additional file 2: Figure S1. Time-kill kinetics of polymyxin B (PolyB; 1 mg/L), rifampicin (Rif; 2 mg/L), and their combination against P. aeruginosa PAO1 at starting 600 nm (OD600) of ~ 0.5 (~ 108 CFU/mL). Figure S2. GO enrichment analysis of the significantly changed genes with the polymyxin B/rifampicin combination at (A) 1 h and (B) 24 h: (i) downregulation and (ii) upregulation of various biological processes. Figure S3. Overview of metabolic pathways of P....
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