Additional file 1 of Steroid receptor coactivator-3 inhibition generates breast cancer antitumor immune microenvironment

Sang Jun Han, Nuri Sung, Jin Wang, Bert W. O’Malley & David M. Lonard
Additional file 1. Fig. S1: Low doses of SI-2 exhibit better tumor-suppressive activity than high doses of SI-2. A Reduction in luciferase activity in E0771 tumors in B6 albino mice by SI-2 (2.5 mg/kg and 5 mg/kg) treatment compared with vehicle treatment. Quantification of luciferase activity in the E0771 breast tumors shown in Panel A. B–D. Numbers of CD4+ T cells (B), CD8+ T cells (C), and CD56+ NK cells (D) in E0771 breast tumors...
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