Additional file 2 of Frequency of occurrence and habitat selection shape the spatial variation in the antibiotic resistome in riverine ecosystems in eastern China

Chunxia Jiang, Haiyang Chen, Hans-Peter Grossart, Quanfa Zhang, Robby Stoks, Yi Zhao, Feng Ju, Wenzhi Liu & Yuyi Yang
Additional file 2: Fig. S1Number (a) and relative abundance (b) of ARGs detected inriverine ecosystems of eastern China. R represents rhizosphere soil; SBrepresents surface bulk soil (0-20 cm below bulk soil surface); BB represents bottombulk soil (40-60 cm below bulk soil surface); S represents sediment (0-20 cmbelow sediment surface); SR and NR represent rhizosphere soil in the south andnorth, respectively; SSB and NSB represent surface bulk soil (0-20 cm belowbulk soil surface) in the south...
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