Additional file 14 of Evolution of the CBL and CIPK gene families in Medicago: genome-wide characterization, pervasive duplication, and expression pattern under salt and drought stress

Xiao-Xia Zhang, Xiao-Long Ren, Xiao-Tong Qi, Zhi-Min Yang, Xiao-Lei Feng, Tian Zhang, Hui-Jie Wang, Peng Liang, Qi-Ying Jiang, Wen-Jun Yang, Yuan Fu, Min Chen, Zhi-Xi Fu & Bo Xu
Additional file 14: Figure S9. The protein interaction network between CBLs and CIPKs in A. thaliana and M. sativa spp. sativa. The interaction network in M. sativa spp. sativa was predicted based on gene co-expression.
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