Additional file 2 of Characterization of diazotrophic root endophytes in Chinese silvergrass (Miscanthus sinensis)

Yongbin Li, Rui Yang, Max M. Häggblom, Mengyan Li, Lifang Guo, Baoqin Li, Max Kolton, Zhiguo Cao, Mohsen Solemani, Zheng Chen, Zhimin Xu, Wenlong Gao, Bei Yan & Weimin Sun
Additional file 2: The methods of "Extraction of root endophyticmicroorganisms", "SIP gradient fractionation", "Shotgunmetagenome sequencing", and "Growth promotion potential of isolateddiazotrophs". Figure S1. Overview of the experimental design employing acombination of field study, DNA-SIP, and pot experiment. Figure S2. Samplinglocations for pioneer plant M. sinensis in southern China. Figure S3. Theassays of checking root surface sterilization. Figure S4. Experimental design ofBidens pilosa L. plants grown in the 50 mL serum tube sealed with septa. Figure...
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