Additional file 1 of Defects of microtubule cytoskeletal organization in NOA human testes

Xiaolong Wu, Damin Yun, Mengmeng Sang, Jianpeng Liu, Liwei Zhou, Jie Shi, Lingling Wang, Tiao Bu, Linxi Li, YingYing Huang, Dengfeng Lin, Fei Sun & C. Yan Cheng
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Differential expression of genes encoding proteins that regulate MT organization in normal vs. OA and NOA human testes based on analyses of scRNA-Seq datasets. (A) scRNA-Seq datasets from normal vs. OA and NOA human testes were analyzed used Seurat package in R toolkit using Rstudio to obtain Dot plot to identify differentially expressed genes encoding genes pertinent to MT organization. It is noted that some of these proteins overlap with...
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