Additional file 2 of Viral community-wide auxiliary metabolic genes differ by lifestyles, habitats, and hosts

Xiao-Qing Luo, Pandeng Wang, Jia-Ling Li, Manzoor Ahmad, Li Duan, Ling-Zi Yin, Qi-Qi Deng, Bao-Zhu Fang, Shan-Hui Li & Wen-Jun Li
Additional file 2: Table S1. Physicochemical data of the PRE samples. Table S2. Assembly qualities of the scaffolds/contigs. Table S3. Detailed information of the vOTUs identified in the PRE samples. Table S4. Detailed information of virus-host linkages prediction. Table S5. Annotation and abundance of the lytic viral AMGs. Table S6. Annotation and abundance of the temperate viral AMGs. Table S7. Occurred frequencies of viruses containing specific AMG functions in the lytic and temperate viral communities....
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