Chitosan combined with technical cashew nut shell liquid improves in vitro ruminal parameters and gas production kinetics

Elis Regina de Queiroz Vieira, Rafael Henrique de Tonissi e Buschinelli de Goes, Tatiana Garcia Diaz, Milene Puntel Osmari, Leonardo de Oliveira Seno, Luís Carlos Vinhas Ítavo, Jefferson Rodrigues Gandra, Douglas Gabriel Anschau, Raquel Tenório de Oliveira, Nayara Gonçalves da Silva & Amanna Gonzaga Jacaúna
ABSTRACT The objective was to evaluate the inclusion of chitosan (CHI) and technical cashew nut shell liquid (CNSLt) as natural feed additives in cattle diets on nutrient digestibility, ruminal fermentation, and in vitro gas production kinetics. We conducted a completely randomized design with 5×4 factorial arrangement, with 20, 35, 50, 65, and 100% Tifton 85 hay and four additives, monensin (200 mg/kg DM), CNSLt (500 mg/kg DM), CHI (500 mg/kg DM), and CNSLt+CHI (500 mg/kg...
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