Additional file 11 of Lipidomics combined with transcriptomic and mass spectrometry imaging analysis of the Asiatic toad (Bufo gargarizans) during metamorphosis and bufadienolide accumulation

Bo Sun, Shan Jiang, Mingli Li, Yan Zhang, Yanyan Zhou, Xiaolu Wei, Hongjie Wang, Nan Si, Baolin Bian & Haiyu Zhao
Additional file 11: Fig. S4. KEGG enrichment bubble diagram (G31 vs. G38, G38 vs. G32, G42 vs. G46). (A) and (B) showed the top 30 pathways of significant enrichment of the up-and down- regulated DEGs on KEGG for G31 vs. G38, (C) and (D) showed for G38 vs. G42, and (E) and (F) showed for G42 vs. G46.
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