Additional file 1 of Chemometrics integrated with in silico pharmacology to reveal antioxidative and anti-inflammatory markers of dandelion for its quality control

Feng-Jie Liu, Jiao Yang, Xu-Yan Chen, Ting Yu, Hui Ni, Liang Feng, Ping Li & Hui-Jun Li
Additional file 1: Table S1. The identification of phenolic components in TH.Table S2. Antioxidant capacity of candidate markers. Table S3. The in silico pharmacokinetic parametersof candidate markers. Table S4. Methodology investigation for thequantitation of four markers. Figure S1. Representative UV absorbanceprofile (a), and base peak chromatogram (b). Figure S2. PLSRmodels. The summary of fit (a-c) and permutation tests (d-f) forantioxidative activity by DPPH and FRAP, and anti-inflammatory activity,respectively. Figure S3. The toxicity of luteolin (a),...
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