Additional file 2 of Chemotherapy induces ACE2 expression in breast cancer via the ROS-AKT-HIF-1α signaling pathway: a potential prognostic marker for breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Xiaoyan Zuo, Sixin Ren, He Zhang, Jianfei Tian, Ruinan Tian, Baoai Han, Hui Liu, Qian Dong, Zhiyong Wang, Yanfen Cui, Ruifang Niu & Fei Zhang
Additional file 2: Figure S1. (A) qRT-PCR analysis showed no significant changes in ACE2 expression in colorectal and pancreatic cancer cells after exposure to EPI, PTX or 5-FU. All data are shown as mean ± SD; *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001, ****P < 0.0001, and ns P > 0.05 versus control, N = 3.
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