Additional file 1 of Targeted OUM1/PTPRZ1 silencing and synergetic CDT/enhanced chemical therapy toward uveal melanoma based on a dual-modal imaging-guided manganese metal–organic framework nanoparticles

Yue Li, Fang Li, Hui Pan, Xiaolin Huang, Jie Yu, Xueru Liu, Qinghao Zhang, Caiwen Xiao, He Zhang & Leilei Zhang
Additional file1: Fig. S1. OUM1 knockdown impairs UM cell metastasis and proliferation. Fig. S2. GO and pathway function analysis. Fig. S3. Bioinformatics analysis of OUM1 targets. Fig. S4. PTPRZ1 might be a target of OUM1. Fig. S5. Synergistic effect of SOV and OUM1 interference on apoptosis. Fig. S6. In vivo toxicity evaluation. Table S1. Downregulated and Upregulated gene. Table S2. Primers and siRNA used in this study. Table S3. Primers used in RNA-ChIP assay. Details...
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