Additional file 1 of A haplotype-resolved genome assembly of the Nile rat facilitates exploration of the genetic basis of diabetes

Huishi Toh, Chentao Yang, Giulio Formenti, Kalpana Raja, Lily Yan, Alan Tracey, William Chow, Kerstin Howe, Lucie A. Bergeron, Guojie Zhang, Bettina Haase, Jacquelyn Mountcastle, Olivier Fedrigo, John Fogg, Bogdan Kirilenko, Chetan Munegowda, Michael Hiller, Aashish Jain, Daisuke Kihara, Arang Rhie, Adam M. Phillippy, Scott A. Swanson, Peng Jiang, Dennis O. Clegg, Erich D. Jarvis … & Yury V. Bukhman
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Venn diagram of gene lists linked to type 2 diabetes by different types of evidence. Figure S2. Heterozygosity inferred by comparing the paternal and maternal scaffolded contigs, shown on the paternal scaffolds. Figure S3. Length distributions of structural variants. Figure S4. Functional classification of duplicated genes. Figure S5. Sequence alignment of Nile rat Gckr proteins to 113 mammalian orthologs. Figure S6. Missing Nile rat Hadh gene present in alternate haplotype...
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