Additional file 1 of Phylogenomic analysis and development of molecular markers for the determination of twelve plum cultivars (Prunus, Rosaceae)

Yicen Xu, Bo Fang, Jingling Li, Yuanwei Wang, Jingting Liu, Chang Liu & Jie Yu
Additional file 1: TableS1. Summary of sequencing data quality. Table S2. Gene composition in the plastomes of twelve plum cultivars. Table S3. Length of introns and exons inthe plastomes of twelve plumcultivars. Table S4. Statistics on simple sequencerepeats (SSRs) in the twelve plastomes. TableS5. The list of accession numbers of the plastome sequences used in thephylogenetic analyses of the Prunus. FigureS1. Genome map of P. salicina ‘Wanshuang plum’ plastome. Figure S2. Genome map of P....
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