Additional file 2 of An increase in Semaphorin 3A biases the axonal direction and induces an aberrant dendritic arborization in an in vitro model of human neural progenitor differentiation

Gabriella Ferretti, Alessia Romano, Rossana Sirabella, Sara Serafini, Thorsten Jürgen Maier & Carmela Matrone
Additional file 2: Fig.S1. Characterization of Ctrl, Sema 3A-GFP, siSema 3A, siNpn 1 and Sema 3A+siNpn 1 neurons 48 h after transfection. (A) IF analysis with Sema 3A (green) and Npn 1 (red) of neurons transfected (Sema 3A) or not (Ctrl) with Sema 3A-GFP. Scale bar: 20μm. Figures were acquired by 40x objective and cropped in order to visualize single neuron and highlight the preferential Sema 3A localization on the apical dendrites in Sema 3A...
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