Two new rakicidin derivatives from marine Micromonospora chalcea FIM-R160609

Li Chen, Lijun Xie, Wei Zhao, Jian Zhou, Honglei Jiang, Wei Liu, Hong Jiang & Feng Lin
The establishment of structure activity relationship (SAR) for rakicidin derivatives is pretty vital to develop rakicidins as a new type of anti-cancer agents. Herein, two novel rakicidin derivatives, compounds B1-1 (1) and B1-2 (2), a cyclic depsipeptide and a chain lipopeptide, respectively, were isolated from culture broth of Micromonospora chalcea FIM-R160609, and their structures were elucidated clearly by extensive NMR and HR-ESI-MS analyses. Following, their cytotoxic activities were evaluated against HCT-8 and PANC-1 human cancer...
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