Additional file 1 of Integrated analysis to identify the AC005154.6/hsa-miR-29c-3p/CCNL2 axis as a novel prognostic biomarker associated with immune infiltration in prostate cancer

Qinyu Li, Bingliang Chen, Guoda Song, Kai Zeng, Xin Chen, Jianping Miao, Xianglin Yuan, Jihong Liu, Zhihua Wang & Bo Liu
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Progression-free survival for the DEmiRNAsrelated to prognosis in PRAD. Figure S2: Progression-free survival for the DEmRNAsrelated to prognosis in PRAD. Figure S3: Progression-free survival for the DElncRNAsrelated to prognosis in PRAD. Figure S4: A correlation heatmap which exhibits the correlation among AC005154.6, hsa-miR-29c-3p and CCNL2. Figure S5: Progression-free survival of high-and low-risk groups in PRAD: (A) the cut-off obtained by the “survminer” package. (B) the Kaplan-Meier survival curve of high-and...
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