Cytotoxic flavonoids from the leaves of Callicarpa nudiflora hook

Jin-Lin Zhang, Yin Xiao, Lu Zhou, Shao-Yang Yin, Jia-Yin Long, Hong-Lin Xiang, Xi-Feng Sheng & Hui Zou
A new flavonoid glycoside, luteolin-3′-O-β-D-6″-acetyl glucopyranoside (1), along with six known flavonoids, were isolated from the leaves of Callicarpa nudiflora Hook. The structures of the isolated compounds were established on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analyses. Compound 6 exhibited potent cytotoxicity and compounds 1 and 7 exhibited moderate cytotoxicity against human hepatocellular carcinoma SMMC-7721 cells.
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