Gamma-ray irradiation induced dislocation loops in hexagonal zirconium

Chengze Liu, Huan Li, Jianping Xu, Ge Wang, Xing Zhao, Bin Zhao & Jinping Wu
With doses simulating those received by spent nuclear fuel (SNF) facilities, gamma-ray (γ-ray) irradiation experiments were conducted on hexagonal zirconium. γ-ray irradiation–induced crystalline defects were observed in the hexagonal zirconium and characterized. Monte Carlo calculations combined with Transmission Electron Microscopy characterizations revealed that the energy of primary knock-on atoms could reach the threshold energy (Ed) of zirconium atoms and result in dislocation loops within the α-zirconium grains. The influence of γ dose on dislocation loop...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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