Additional file 2 of The H2A.Z-KDM1A complex promotes tumorigenesis by localizing in the nucleus to promote SFRP1 promoter methylation in cholangiocarcinoma cells

Qi Wang, Yongqiang Qi, Fei Xiong, Da Wang, Bing Wang & Yongjun Chen
Additional file 2: Fig. S2. The site of H2A.Z or HP1α binds to SFRP1 promoter. (A) The ChIP assay analysis of H2A.Z or HP1α enrichment in the SFRP1 promoter in HEK293T cells. IgG served as a negative control. Relative enrichment fold=[%(ChIP/Input)]/[%(IgG/Input)]. (B) Dual luciferase assays demonstrate that H2A.Z attenuates the SFRP1 promoter-controlled luciferase activity in HEK293T and ICC cells (pDNA: empty plasmid vector; pGL3: empty pGL3 plasmid vector; pDNA-H2A.Z: pcDNA-H2A.Z plasmid; SFRP1-pGL3: The SFRP1 promoter...
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