Additional file 2 of Genome-wide association study uncovers major genetic loci associated with flowering time in response to active accumulated temperature in wild soybean population

Guang Yang, Wei Li, Chao Fan, Miao Liu, Jianxin Liu, Wenwei Liang, Ling Wang, Shufeng Di, Chao Fang, Haiyang Li, Guohua Ding, Yingdong Bi & Yongcai Lai
Additional file 2: Fig. S1. Distribution of SNP number in different chromosomes and count of MAF. A, SNP numbers. B, SNP frequency in different minor allele frequency. Fig. S2. Distributions of SNP linkage disequilibrium decay and heterozygosity. A, Linkage disequilibrium decay (r2) across different linkage disequilibrium windows in 294 wild soybean accessions. B, Histogram of heterozygosity for SNPs. Fig. S3. Boxplot representing the distribution of flowering time in five active accumulated temperature zones in Heilongjiang...
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