Additional file 6 of DNA methylation predicts the outcome of COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

Martina Bradic, Sarah Taleb, Binitha Thomas, Omar Chidiac, Amal Robay, Nessiya Hassan, Joel Malek, Ali Ait Hssain & Charbel Abi Khalil
Additional file 6: Table S6. Analysis of dead and recovered+A3 COVID-19 patients for immune cell proportions. A. Summary of different models tested for immune cell proportions. Adjusted R2, residual standard error (sigma), AIC, and p-value for each tested model for each cell type are shown. The following models were tested, mod1; Age + MV days + Gender + ICU LoS + ECMO + Nosocomial infections, mod2; Age + Gender + ICU LoS + ECMO +...
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