Additional file 2 of ARPC1B promotes mesenchymal phenotype maintenance and radiotherapy resistance by blocking TRIM21-mediated degradation of IFI16 and HuR in glioma stem cells

Zijie Gao, Jianye Xu, Yang Fan, Zongpu Zhang, Huizhi Wang, Mingyu Qian, Ping Zhang, Lin Deng, Jie Shen, Hao Xue, Rongrong Zhao, Teng Zhou, Xing Guo & Gang Li
Additional file 2: Table S1. Correlation analysis of ARPC1B with PN and MES marker genes (Correlation). Table S2. Mass spectrometry result of proteins related with ARPC1B. Table S3. The correlation between the ARPC1B expression and drug sensitivity assessed by Spearman algorithm (correlation).
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