Additional file 1 of Immunogenicity and antigenicity of a conserved fragment of the rhoptry-associated membrane antigen of Plasmodium vivax

Jieyun Ge, Qiubo Wang, Gangcheng Chen, Kokouvi Kassegne, Hangye Zhang, Jiali Yu, Jianxia Tang, Bo Wang, Feng Lu, Jun Cao, Eun-Taek Han & Yang Cheng
Additional file 1: Figure S1.Expression, purification and immunoblot analysis of recombinant PvRAMA protein. A Expression and purification of recombinant PvRAMA (appox. 43 kDa). M, Marker; T, total translation mix; S, supernatant; P, precipitate; Ft, flow through; Ne, elution treated with non-reducing buffer; E, elution treated with reducing buffer. b-d Recombinant PvRAMA protein (appox. 43 kDa) under reducing conditions was probed with the anti-His tag antibody (b), rPvRAMA-immunized mouse serum (c) and PBS-immunized mouse serum (d).
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