Additional file 9 of Beneficial effect of the short-chain fatty acid propionate on vascular calcification through intestinal microbiota remodelling

Jianlong Yan, Yanbin Pan, Wenming Shao, Caiping Wang, Rongning Wang, Yaqiong He, Min Zhang, Yongshun Wang, Tangzhiming Li, Zhefeng Wang, Wenxing Liu, Zhenmin Wang, Xin Sun & Shaohong Dong
Additional file 9: Supplementary Figure 5. Amelioration of intestinal microbiota imbalance in rats by rectal propionate administration. (a) Principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) diagram showing the β-diversity of the intestinal microbiota among the three groups. (b) and (c) α-diversity of the intestinal microbiota. (d) Relative abundance of intestinal microbiota constituents at the phylum level. (e) Analysis of the differences in the intestinal microbiota by LEfSe. (f) Spearman’s correlation analysis of the relationship of the intestinal microbiota...
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