Additional file 5 of Comparative analysis of detoxification-related gene superfamilies across five hemipteran species

Mariano Volonté, Lucila Traverso, Jose Manuel Latorre Estivalis, Francisca Cunha Almeida & Sheila Ons
Additional file 5: Supplementary Figure 2. Phylogeny of CCE superfamily from N. viridula (Red: Nvir), R. prolixus (Yellow: Rpro), H. Halys (Green: Hhal), N. lugens (Orange: Nlug), D. melanogaster (Purple: Dmel), and C. lectularius (Blue: Clec). Classes are highlighted in light blue (Neurodevelopment), gray (Dietary), and pink (Hormone and pheromone processing). Cholinesterase 1 from B. tabaci was used as an outgroup (XP_018913404.1 - NCBI), and the tree was rooted on this sequence. Branch support values...
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