Osteology of Dashanpusaurus dongi (Sauropoda: Macronaria) and new evolutionary evidence from Middle Jurassic Chinese sauropods

Xin-Xin Ren, Shan Jiang, Xu-Ri Wang, Guang-Zhao Peng, Yong Ye, Logan King & Hai-Lu You
The Middle Jurassic lower Shaximiao Formation in Sichuan Province of south-western China has yielded a diverse terrestrial vertebrate fauna dominated by sauropod dinosaurs. However, many of these sauropods lack detailed descriptions or explicit phylogenetic diagnoses. Here, we present a comprehensive redescription of Dashanpusaurus dongi, a species of sauropod found only in the lower Shaximiao Formation. We define the revised autapomorphies of the species as follows: neural canals are sub-square in anterior dorsal vertebrae; the presence...
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