Additional file 9 of A novel small molecule glycolysis inhibitor WZ35 exerts anti-cancer effect via metabolic reprogramming

Lihua Wang, Zheng Zhu, Qi Liang, Yecheng Tao, Gaowei Jin, Yaoyao Zhong, Jichen Dai, Ruixia Dai, Zhixiang Wang, Junbo Chen, Lingjie Zhou, Shouyu Ke, Bin Zheng, Linhua Lan, Xiaokun Lin & Tongke Chen
Additional file 9: Figure S9. (A and C) Time-dependent ROC curves analyzing the potential value of expression levels of SLC2A1 (A) and combination of SLC2A1 and YAP1 (C) in diagnosis of liver cancer. (B and D) Kaplan–Meier analysis displaying survival rate for liver cancer samples from GEO datasets according to the expression levels of single factor of SLC2A1 (B) (P = 0.00035) and multi factors of YAP1 and SLC2A1 (D) (P < 0.0001). High integrated...
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