Additional file 5 of SIGIRR deficiency contributes to CD4 T cell abnormalities by facilitating the IL1/C/EBPβ/TNF-α signaling axis in rheumatoid arthritis

Xiu Teng, Da-Chao Mou, Hui-Fang Li, Ling Jiao, Sha-Sha Wu, Jin-Kui Pi, Yan Wang, Meng-Li Zhu, Meng Tang & Yi Liu
Additional file 5: Figure S5. Composition of splenic immune cells and CD4+ T cell subpopulations in healthy Sigirr +/+ mice and Sigirr −/− mice. (A), Frequencies of major immune populations in spleens between Sigirr +/+ mice (n = 5) and Sigirr −/− mice (n = 5). (B), Absolute number and frequency of granulocytes among 2.5 × 105 live CD45+ leukocytes derived from Sigirr +/+ and Sigirr −/−mice. (C), Representative plots of T cells (CD3+ NK1.1−),...
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