Additional file 1 of Uterine macrophages as treatment targets for therapy of premature rupture of membranes by modified ADSC-EVs through a circRNA/miRNA/NF-κB pathway

Yuhua Gao, Ningning Mi, Ying Zhang, Xiangchen Li, Weijun Guan & Chunyu Bai
Additional file 1: Figure S1.The analysis of biological characteristics in human ADSCs.The ADSCs had successfully differentiated into chondrocytes(A), adipocytes(B), and osteoblasts(C). CD29, CD90, and CD105 were positive in human ADSCs(D). Figure S2.The ADSC-secreted EVs were incubated with M1 phenotype macrophages. Fluorescence images were used to evaluate localization of FITC-labeled NF-κB1 (p50) and Cy5-labeled NF-κB(p65). FQ,fluorescence quantitation; a.u., arbitrary unit. FigureS3. Internalizationof normal EVs and F4/80-EVs into M1 phenotype macrophages. Microscopic visualizationof internalization(left), and analysisof EVs...
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