Detailed genome comparisons results in a table from Spatial scales of competition and a growth-motility tradeoff interact to determine bacterial coexistence

Thierry Kuhn, Marine Mamin, Saskia Bindschedler, Redouan Bshary, Aislinn Estoppey, Diego Gonzalez, Fabio Palmieri, Pilar Junier & Xiang-Yi Li Richter
The coexistence of competing species is a long-lasting puzzle in evolutionary ecology research. Despite abundant experimental evidence showing that the opportunity for coexistence decreases as niche overlap increases between species, bacterial species and strains competing for the same resources are commonly found across diverse spatially heterogeneous habitats. We thus hypothesized that the spatial scale of competition may play a key role in determining bacterial coexistence, and interact with other mechanisms that promote coexistence, including a...
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