Additional file 1 of Spatiotemporal dynamics and potential ecological drivers of acute respiratory infectious diseases: an example of scarlet fever in Sichuan Province

Cheng Li, Rujun Liao, Wenhui Zhu, Guiyu Jiang, Yumeng Wang, Ling Li, Tao Zhang & Qiang Lv
Additional file 1: Table A1. The meaning and value of covariates. Table A2. Demographic characteristics of scarlet fever in Sichuan Province, 2016–2019. Fig. A1. Time series of scarlet fever counts in 21 cities (/prefectures) of Sichuan province from 2016 to 2019. Figure A2. The fitted values for 21 cities (/prefectures) in Sichuan Province during 2016–2019. Fig. A3. The estimated multiplicative effect of seasonality on the endemic mean. Table A3. Model selection and comparison. Table A4....
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