Additional file 1 of An integrated deep learning model for the prediction of pathological complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy with serial ultrasonography in breast cancer patients: a multicentre, retrospective study

Lei Wu, Weitao Ye, Yu Liu, Dong Chen, Yuxiang Wang, Yanfen Cui, Zhenhui Li, Pinxiong Li, Zhen Li, Zaiyi Liu, Min Liu, Changhong Liang, Xiaotang Yang, Yu Xie & Ying Wang
Additional file 1. SI. Inclusion and exclusion criteria. SII. Annotation of ultrasound images. SIII. Details of theautomated segmentation model for breast ultrasound images. SIV. Data Standardization and Feature Extraction. SV. Feature Selection and Model Construction. SVI. Consistency evaluation of features by Bland-Altman. Fig. S1. Inclusion and exclusion criteria. Fig. S2. U-net architecture. Fig. S3. Flowchart of feature assessment and SUAS construction. Fig. S4. Principal component analysis plot and linear model for evaluating batch effect correction...
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