Additional file 6 of A novel serum spherical lectin from lamprey reveals a more efficient mechanism of immune initiation and regulation in jawless vertebrates

Jiali Lu, Jinsong Duan, Yinglun Han, Meng Gou, Jun Li, Qingwei Li & Yue Pang
Additional file 6: Fig S5. Elimination of MASP-1 from serum to detect the deposition of LSSL and C3 on the surface of Hela cells. (A) Quantitative analysis of proteins on HeLa cell membranes analyzed by Alexa-488 staining followed by flow cytometry. (B, C) The histogram shows the fluorescence intensity and cell proportions of the above flow cytometry results, respectively. The data are presented as the means ± SDs. (D) Western blotting analysis of depleted and...
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